American Academy Mission Statement

American Academy will achieve academic excellence through a challenging sequenced curriculum that emphasizes math, science, and technology, to provide our children with the tools to become the leaders of tomorrow. Together, our students, faculty, parents, and community will cultivate character, civic responsibility, and intellectual development.


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At American Academy we've set the bar high. For our governing body, for our administration, for our teachers, and of course most importantly, for our students. Every day, it is our mission to educate our students in a way that creates a broader foundation for future learning. It is our mission to innovate the way teachers educate and set a new standard for schools everywhere. And it is our mission to explore the world of knowledge with our students with a net cast wide each day. To accomplish all of this, we will employ the following:


Academic excellence a place where your children will learn about all of the continents in Kindergarten, and where they can explore the Incas in first grade; where their thirst for knowledge will be satisfied every day as they learn a body of knowledge that we all share, without gaps and repetitions; where they learn reading and critical thinking by having something exciting to read and think about.


A science, technology, engineering, and mathematics  emphasis a school where your children are exposed to exciting new worlds and innovations, like biotechnology, space, engineering, nanotechnology, and many more; a school where parents have a portal into your child’s education from their home computer; and where technology enables excellence in education and streamlined communication for staff, students and parents.


Consistent character development a school where character values are woven into the curriculum throughout the school day; where children are taught the meaning of integrity, respect, and responsibility, and are recognized for demonstrating these traits in their daily activities and interactions.


A school culture of respect and responsibility a place where staff, parents, and administration set the example of respect and responsibility; where children wear uniforms and parents are always welcomed; where we all—board, administration, staff, students and parents—work together towards the common goal of academic excellence.


A challenge for every student a school where children are challenged at every level of ability, and taught to always raise the bar for themselves; where high expectations are the norm and boredom is not an option.


American Academy. We're teaching innovation, innovating education, and exploring every new day.