Third Grade News (posted by Sandy Stanley; 11/11/16)
End of Trimester
End of Trimester The end of the trimester is quickly approaching. Any missing or makeup works needs to be completed and turned in as soon as possible. Any missing assignment not turned in will be a zero.
Literacy There will be no spelling next week. Book reports are due on November 18, and this is a grade in Trimester 1! You can find the book report options in your child’s OneNote. Please have them choose a new book report. Students will also be working on their persuasive skills by writing from a turkey’s point of view.
Science test is Monday, and the study guides went home on Tuesday. Our next unit will emphasis the engineering process by building levee systems that fail, making corrections and trying again.
Next week we will continue learning about Ancient Rome and its impact on the world. The focus will include the Punic Wars, Julius Caesar, and Cleopatra. We will also be writing a People to Know about Cleopatra or Julius Caesar this week to practice

Mr. See needs volunteers! (posted by Emily Marsh; 09/29/16)
Please take a look at Mr. See's volunteer page for your student's homeroom and help out if you can. We know he could really use it!
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