Third Grade News (posted by Emily Marsh; 01/23/17)
Math has been trucking along this year, and we love using Saxon math because it’s great about repeating information we have learned. However, you will also be seeing some other types of math problems coming home for homework, like IXL and problem solving practice. This is so that they are exposed to all kinds of questions and know how to answer them. Make sure you are checking Infinite Campus for those assignments. We are also starting our multiplication facts in class! Soon we will be having a third grade ice cream sundae party, where each kid gets to have as many toppings as facts they’ve completed. So for example, if they have completed their 2’s, 5’s, 10’s, and 4’s in 2 minutes, they will get ice cream and 4 toppings. They are really working hard on memorizing those facts, and anything you can do at home would be really helpful!
Next week we will have spelling and phonograms, so be on the lookout for those. Over the following weeks, your child will be completing a biography report. We will pick one president to focus on for this assignment. After the selection, your child will be spending a lot of time in class reading (individually) and becoming an “expert” on his/her person of choice. To culminate the unit, your child will be creating a wearable poster to present their report and facts to the class. This project will 98% be done at school- the only thing we will need from home is a poster board with head and arm cut-outs, and any supplies they want to use on the poster board. We will be creating them in class. Your literacy teachers will let you know when you will need to send that in.
We are finishing up force and motion next week. There will be a test on Friday, January 27 and a study guide went home yesterday. We had a great time with the egg drop today! *If you have any FUN magnets, or Magniformers you would be willing to send in for our magnet explorer days, please send them in LABELED so that we can return them to you after we are done.
Next week we will wrap up our unit on Earliest Americans. The projects turned out so great, and we hope you got a chance to look at them during conferences! We will start our next unit on Early Explorers. *If you happen to have any empty cereal boxes in the next few days, please send them in with your child. We will be using them in history and would appreciate it!
Infinite Campus
Please remember that we post all of our assignments ahead of time on infinite campus, so that should be your first place to go when you are looking for makeup work, etc. Also, if you get a missing assignment email, please go on to IC to look at the “comments” section, because a lot of times there is information that we write in there for you.
Valentine's Day Party
Our Valentine’s party is coming up on February 10 from 9:30-11:30. This will be a homeroom only party with some time for kids to pass out valentines to other classes at the end. Please make sure you bring enough Valentine’s for EACH student in the homeroom. Your room moms should be sending out a list so that you can label them before bringing them in. If you would like to volunteer, please contact your room moms. Also, each homeroom will be doing a valentine’s box contest, so start planning on some creative boxes to hold the kids’ valentines!
We want your Blood!
Come out and donate some blood at the Parker Campus Saturday, January 28th at Parker From 10:00 am to 2:00 pm in the Gym
Specials News
Art There’s a new volunteer signup online! This one has been redesigned so as to be way more user-friendly. Instead of having a new signup every other month or so, this one covers the entire rest of the school year! See instructions on the signup page. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email Click here to sign up! "Zentangle Flags:" Each project brings up another element of design. Students have already used the elements of texture and shape. Now they’ll be focusing on the element of line. "Zentangle" is a very popular style of doodling with lines. What better way to learn this style of doodling than by creating their own Colorado Flag decorated with Zentangles? Art geniuses will portray different shapes of the flag by using a diverse array of linear patterns. Music Third graders will continue on their Recorder Karate journey. They will also learn the story of Scheherazade and how her story-telling abilities saved all the maidens of the kingdom. Physical Education Welcome back! Students will be kicking off the new year with a unit learning all the fundamental skills of basketball, as well as strategies and character values associated in game play. Technology Students will be introduced coding and will watch videos that describe Computer Science and the importance of coding. They will use Bitsbox software (Lights, Camera, and Action) to type JavaScript in coding. Finally, they will take a one-minute timed-writing test to place in their technology student portfolio.

Mr. See needs volunteers! (posted by Emily Marsh; 09/29/16)
Please take a look at Mr. See's volunteer page for your student's homeroom and help out if you can. We know he could really use it!
Click here to sign up!
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