1st Grade STEM: Chemical Engineering
CP: Jan 3 - Feb 3, 2017; MB: Feb 13 - March 17, 2017
Our first graders will begin an engineering unit called Chemical Engineering: Improving a Play Dough Process on Monday, September 30th. This is part of the Engineering is Elementary (EiE) curriculum developed by the Museum of Science, Boston. EiE is a curricular program that integrates the science students are already learning in elementary school with the Engineering Design Process (Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create, and Improve). In this unit, students shape their understandings of sequenced processes, the properties of solids and liquids, and some possible outcomes of mixing the two, as they get serious about play dough. This hands-on STEM unit exposes students to real world and career opportunities in the field of chemistry, physics, and mathematics.
Students follow in the steps of Michelle, the storybook’s Canadian kid hockey-player turned junior-chemical engineer. Michelle uses her knowledge of processes and play dough to help her team raise money to see their favorite pro team play.

3rd Grade STEM: Beginning Robotics
CP & MB: Jan 30 - Feb 24, 2017
WeDo Robotics is a very exciting and creative hands-on unit. As you may recall, students were introduced to WeDo Robotics last year. This year will be spent expanding on what they learned by utilizing more complex program blocks and a WeDo Extension kit. Not only will they build, but program it to move using a motor, make sounds and utilize sensors. Some of the creations include a working draw bridge, a Ferris wheel, and a moving fork lift. For their culminating project, students will use the Engineering Design Process (ASK, IMAGINE, PLAN, CREATE, and IMPROVE) to design a useful, new invention. Students will build a working model using what they have learned while including a motor and sensor in their project. It will be interesting to see what students come up with and how they program it.

7th Grade STEM: Engineering Academy
CP & PKR: Jan 3 - Feb 23
During this 7th Grade Engineering unit, our students will be adding to their knowledge of mechanical design and electronics to make an autonomous vehicle which solves a specific problem. In the beginning of the trimester, students will review and expand on the technical skills needed to complete their engineering projects. After that, students will work through the engineering design process to develop a prototype that solves the given problem. Students will use C-based language coding, electricity, basic circuitry and power management before they create the circuit and code the Arduino microprocessor to control their vehicle. Students will also use computer assisted drawing software both to design their vehicle chassis and moving components of the vehicle. As 6th graders, they focused on laser cutting and engraving. As 7th graders, they will continue to develop those skills and add 3D printing software to their repertoire. Through the unit, students will work in groups to solve problems and develop solutions in a collaborative, real-world approach!

Event Calendar
Jan 30 - Feb 24
CP - STEM unit (Grd 3): WeDo Robotics
Feb 13 - March 17
MB - STEM unit (Grd 1): Chemical Engineering
Feb 21
CP&MB - Grd 7 (2017-18) STEM Trip - Catalina Island Information Meeting, 8:10-9:10 am, MB Cafeteria
Feb 21
CP&MB - Grd 7 (2017-18) STEM Trip - Catalina Island Information Meeting, 6:00-7:00 pm, MB Cafeteria
Feb 23
CP - STEM-a-Palooza (Grd 7) Gym
Feb 23 - March 17
CP&MB - Grd 6 STEM Trip - Olympic National Park, Registration Open
Feb 24
MB - STEM-a-Palooza (Grd 7) Gym
Mar 6 - May 12
CP&MB - STEM unit (Grd 8): Engineering Academy
Mar 13 - April 7
CP&MB - STEM unit (Grd 2): Claymation
March 17
CP&MB - Grd 6 STEM Trip - Olympic National Park, Registration Closes
March 27
CP&MB - Grd 6 STEM Trip - Olympic National Park Pre-Departure Meeting, 6:00-7:00 pm, MB Library
Mar 27 - April 7
CP - STEM unit (Kindergarten): Play STEM
Apr 9 - 15
CP&MB - STEM trip (Grd 6): Olympic National Park
Apr 17 - 28
MB - STEM unit (Kindergarten): Play STEM
Apr 17 - May 5
MB - STEM unit (Grd 3): Sphero
April 27-29
Jr. World Expo, Houston, Texas
May 1-5
CP - STEM unit (Grd 1): Marine Biology
May 7-14
CP&MB STEM Trip (Grd 8) Costa Rica
May 18
CP - STEM-a-Palooza (Grd 8) Gym
May 17
MB - STEM-a-Palooza (Grd 8) Gym
Aug 27 - Sep 1
MB - STEM trip (Grd 7): Catalina Island Marine Institute
Sep 3 - Sep 8
CP - STEM trip (Grd 7): Catalina Island Marine Institute