Kindergarten STEM: Play STEM
CP: March 27 - April 7; PKR: April 17 - 28
Kindergartners began their second STEM unit today called PLAY STEM. In this unit, students are learning about the six simple machines (lever, wheel & axle, inclined plane, pulley, screw, wedge) and the mechanical advantages of each. In this one-week unit, students will experience physical science kinesthetically by performing tasks and playing games with oversized simple machines.

5th Grade STEM: Sphero
CP & MB: April 17 - May 5, 2017
It rolls, spins, shakes and swims.. Spheros are robotic balls controlled by iOS and Android devices using Bluetooth SMART. There are a number of ways to utilize them and Fifth graders are getting the opportunity to use these in the STEM tech lab. Using Lightning Lab’s drag and drop interface, Sphero’s own c-based program, students are able to show off their programming skills. We also incorporate the engineering design process, ASK, IMAGINE, PLAN, CREATE AND IMPROCVE, where students will design and test a contraption for Sphero to carry a load of washers across a small body of water. Utilizing a number of math skills, and managing a number of constraints, students are learning to program with precision.
Event Calendar
Mar 6 - May 12
CP&MB - STEM unit (Grd 8): Engineering Academy
Mar 13 - April 7
CP&MB - STEM unit (Grd 2): Claymation
Mar 27 - April 7
CP - STEM unit (Kindergarten): Play STEM
Apr 9 - 14
CP&MB - STEM trip (Grd 6): Olympic National Park
Apr 17 - 28
MB - STEM unit (Kindergarten): Play STEM
Apr 17 - May 5
MB - STEM unit (Grd 3): Sphero
April 20-22
Jr. World Expo, Houston, Texas
May 1-5
CP - STEM unit (Grd 1): Marine Biology
May 7-14
CP&MB STEM Trip (Grd 8) Costa Rica
May 18
CP - STEM-a-Palooza (Grd 8) Gym
May 17
MB - STEM-a-Palooza (Grd 8) Gym
Aug 27 - Sep 1
MB - STEM trip (Grd 7): Catalina Island Marine Institute
Sep 3 - Sep 8
CP - STEM trip (Grd 7): Catalina Island Marine Institute
Sep 17 - 22
CP - STEM Trip (Grd 6): Olympic National Park
April 22 - 27
MB & LM - STEM trip (Grd 6): Olympic National Park