Recess Sports (posted by Kassy Anderson; 01/12/17)
Calling all dads, uncles, grandpas, big brothers, or anyone who loves sports and would like to help organize a game during recess! Our students want YOU! They LOVE sports, but as 2nd graders, they have a hard time keeping it organized so they can all have fun!
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Meteorologist Visit (posted by Kassy Anderson; 11/10/16)
Mr. Dave Aguilera from CBS 4 News came to visit 2nd Grade today! He talked to us all about the weather, which we just finished studying during science! We even got to do experiments with him!
Let's watch our visit with him!
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History (posted by Tanya Diederich; 01/05/17)
Welcome back! Our focus the next two trimesters is on American history starting with signs and symbols of the United States, the Constitution, and a basic overview of how our government works! A quiz over this information will be given at the end of January.

AMAZING websites to improve skills that are on the MAPs test! (posted by Kassy Anderson; 01/09/17)
Websites to practice skills that are on the MAPs test!
Click on these amazing websites that we found to practice the Reading skills that are on the MAPs test. Once on the site, locate your child's goal RIT and practice the skills that are within his/her goal areas (or even the next level up). Enjoy!
Click on these websites to practice Math skills that are on the MAPs test.
Click on this website to practice both Reading and Math Skills.
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