Western Museum of Mining & Industry (posted by Melissa Jones; 03/08/17)
Our 2nd grade visited the Western Museum of Mining & Industry on March 8th. It was a blast and the students asked for a link to the Museum's webpage. Please see below.
Click here for website

Simple Machines GAME (posted by Melissa Jones; 03/01/17)

Play the Wild Kratts Habitat GAMES (posted by Melissa Jones; 02/19/17)

Telling Time Game (posted by Melissa Jones; 10/23/16)
Please use this FUN Telling Time Math game to practice telling time to the hour, half hour, quarter hour, and the minute.
Click HERE-Telling Time

AMAZING websites to improve skills that are on the MAPs test! (posted by Melissa Jones; 02/10/17)
Now that everyone has their child's MAPs scores, have your students use these AMAZING sites to grow! Once on the site, locate your child's RIT goal and practice the skills that are within his/her goal areas (or even the next level up). Many of these skills are presented in fun activities or games. Enjoy!
Click on these websites to practice Math skills that are on the MAPs test.
Click on this website to practice BOTH Reading and Math skills
A correlation from RIT to Khan Academy Activities:
click her for activities
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