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Thank you to our exiting Board members (posted by ptopkr; 05/21/17)
Cherie Hedrick, Michael Buehler & Monica Fernandez for serving their two year terms.
What a difference you have made! We truly appreciate all of your tireless efforts and service. Thank you for all you have done for AA-MB!

AAPTO-MB ~ A PTO Survival Guide **HANDBOOK** (posted by ptopkr; 05/24/17)
The handbook can be found on the left of this page, under "Downloads"
PTO has a NEW Handbook. This guide is to help AAMB~ KP,K-5 & Middle School parents understand the role of the PTO and its function in helping our school, teacher's, administration, students and their families.

Do you have QUESTIONS for the AAPTO-MB? (posted by ptopkr; 05/24/17)
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