This Week in 8th Grade (posted by Donna Seekamp; 05/07/17)
8th Grade for the Week of 5/8/2017
This week, the eighth grade will investigate South Africa and the apartheid movement of the 20th century. Students will read, watch a video, and compare/ contrast the history of South Africa with the Civil Rights Movement in America. This unit will conclude with a quiz and an essay.

This Week in 6th Grade (posted by Donna Seekamp; 05/07/17)
Using Texts from Home
Students should go to Office 365 to find their textbooks. Then, open "SharePoint." They will see an icon for "Student Textbooks." Click on it and choose "History Textbooks." Then, students should click on their grade-level text. They can see their entire textbook in this way. To simplify the process for next time, they can download the text to their desktops.
6th Grade for the Week of 5/8/2017
Sixth graders will share their travel brochures on Wednesday, May 10. Students are also handing in their work for this unit: maps, pie charts, and questions for credit. We will continue studying the "famous fighters" for independence in Latin America and have a final quiz the week of May 15.
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