This Week in 8th Grade (posted by Donna Seekamp; 01/17/17)

8th Grade for the Week of 1/16/2017
This week, eighth graders will continue their study of civil rights in American History. Students are creating timelines to show their understanding of the duration of the effort to obtain rights in the US for all Americans. Students will read about events throughout history, they will look at the women's movement of the 1970's, and the work of Mexican migrant workers. This unit will continue through the end of the month.

This Week in 6th Grade (posted by Donna Seekamp; 01/17/17)
Using Texts from Home
Students should go to Office 365 to find their textbooks. Then, open "SharePoint." They will see an icon for "Student Textbooks." Click on it and choose "History Textbooks." Then, students should click on their grade-level text. They can see their entire textbook in this way. To simplify the process for next time, they can download the text to their desktops.
6th Grade for the Week of 1/16/2017
Sixth graders are learning about the French Revolution. This week, we will look at the overthrow of French royalty and the efforts to form a new government. Students will have some choices in their assignments. Political cartoons, propaganda posters, and written articles will be the selections students may choose. We will then look at Napoleon Bonaparte and his influence on France. Students will complete their choice assignments and begin preparing for their test, Tuesday, January 24. This is another busy week for sixth grade!
This Week's Specials Schedule
6E: Tech - Ms. Paumen
6M: PE - Ms. Drake
6S: Tech - Ms. Paumen
7E: PE - Ms. Drake
7M: PE - Ms. Drake
7S: PE - Ms. Drake
8E: PE - Ms. Drake
8M: Tech - Ms. Paumen
8S: Tech - Ms. Paumen
Next Week's Specials Schedule
6E: Art - Mr. Riggs
6M: Music - Ms. Pearo
6S: Art - Mr. Riggs
7E: Music - Ms. Pearo
7M: Music - Ms. Pearo
7S: Music - Ms. Pearo
8E: Music - Ms. Pearo
8M: Art - Mr. Riggs
8S: Art - Mr. Riggs
Event Calendar
Jan 20
Student Council Middle School Dance, 5:30 - 8:00 pm, MB gym & cafeteria (separate campuses)
Apr 7
Student Council Middle School Dance, 5:30 - 8:00 pm, MB gym & cafeteria (separate campuses)