(posted by Sara Pammant; 08/18/16)
Welcome to 8th Grade Science! I am so excited to start the new year. We will be learning about the nature and properties of matter and energy along with how things work. Here you will find any news about what is going on in the classroom, important links and downloads. Make sure to check the class notebook on your OneNote for Power Points, Notes, Homework, Handouts and more!

(posted by Sara Pammant; 08/18/16)
Interactive Science Notebooks
This year in 8th grade Science we will be utilizing Interactive Science Notebooks. These Notebooks will be used for notes and output activities that include foldables, activities, diagrams, etc. They will be used to help students organize content and process the concepts we will be learning in Physics and Chemistry. I am excited to get to see the creativity and critical thinking skills that will be fostered through the use of these notebooks. Please bring to class by August 22nd, 2016: 8S: Green Spiral (Wide Ruled) Notebook 8E: Red Spiral (Wide Ruled) Notebook 8M: Blue Spiral (Wide Ruled) Notebook Thank you!
This Week's Specials Schedule
6E: Tech - Ms. Paumen
6M: PE - Ms. Drake
6S: Tech - Ms. Paumen
7E: PE - Ms. Drake
7M: PE - Ms. Drake
7S: PE - Ms. Drake
8E: PE - Ms. Drake
8M: Tech - Ms. Paumen
8S: Tech - Ms. Paumen
Next Week's Specials Schedule
6E: Art - Mr. Riggs
6M: Music - Ms. Pearo
6S: Art - Mr. Riggs
7E: Music - Ms. Pearo
7M: Music - Ms. Pearo
7S: Music - Ms. Pearo
8E: Music - Ms. Pearo
8M: Art - Mr. Riggs
8S: Art - Mr. Riggs
Event Calendar
Jan 20
Student Council Middle School Dance, 5:30 - 8:00 pm, MB gym & cafeteria (separate campuses)
Apr 7
Student Council Middle School Dance, 5:30 - 8:00 pm, MB gym & cafeteria (separate campuses)