Fall Book Report Check-in (posted by Whitney Millikin; 11/08/16)
This week, the focus should be on doing the bullet-point list of plot line diagram components and starting to craft the questions and answers for the main character interview. Please see downloads for a copy of the book report description, and see One Note's Content Library under "Reading" for a sample book report layout. THE BOOK REPORT IS DUE TUES, 11/29.

Back to School Night Presentation (posted by Whitney Millikin; 09/07/16)
Please see important course documents in addition to my Back to School Night PowerPoint presentation under "Downloads."

One Note (Where to Find Handouts, Etc.) (posted by Whitney Millikin; 09/01/16)
How It Works
As an FYI, starting next week (Tues, 9/6), I will have students set up their One Note which is really just a digital binder for English class. Once they open it in Ofifice 365 ONCE (accessible on the AA home page), it will forever be on their desktop One Note app (the purple "N" on their start screen). This digital binder will be be used for a place to store soft/electronic copies of important class documents, presentations, worksheets, and more. This is incredibly useful for students who lose their homework (they can access it and print another copy right off One Note's "Content Library") and also for studying for various assessments. Additionally, students have their own "notebook" within our class One Note where they can take notes on class lessons, submit homework, etc.
What About This Web Site?
One Note is primarily going to be the spot where I update my class documents, handouts, presentations, worksheets, etc. Unfortunately, parents do not have direct access to their student's One Note digital binders. However, students can access it with or without Wifi and I will encourage them next week to show you how it works at home (this will be a HW assignment). Additionally, important documents will still be posted to this web site. Lastly, students and parents will still see various "links" added to this web site as the year goes on (this is not an option on One Note).

Wonder (posted by Whitney Millikin; 08/21/16)
Students have been instructed to turn in their Summer Reading/Book Report Questions to me on Tuesday, August 23rd. They will be given back these packets no later than Friday, August 26th in order to prepare/study for the Socratic Seminar that will be introduced that day and held in class on Tuesday, September 6th. The date has been pushed back due to so many students being gone for the Catalina trip the week of the 29th. Please note there is also NO OTHER ASSESSMENT OR COMPREHENSION TEST for Wonder.

Other Homework (posted by Whitney Millikin; 08/21/16)
M.S. Policies & Procedures
The AA Middle School Policies & Procedures document must be signed by parents/guardians and returned to English teachers NO LATER THAN Wednesday, August 24th. This is the first grade for students in the English gradebook and it is critical that this document is turned in!
Classroom Procedures
Ms. Millikin's Classroom Procedures document must be signed by both students AND parents and is due by Friday, August 26th. This is also one of the very first grades in the English gradebook!
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Next Week's Specials Schedule
Event Calendar