(posted by Karen Liotta; 03/27/17)

Struggling in math? (posted by Karen Liotta; 03/14/17)
If you would like to get extra help or just need some extra time to complete your math work please come see me during one of the times offered below. You can also make up tests/quizzes during this time.
I will be available for extra help on Mondays from 3:30-4:15 from now through the end of the school year EXCEPT for the following dates: April 3rd, May 1st, May 22. Hope to see you there!
Lunch/Recess extra help/study hall. Please bring your lunch and be in my classroom by 1:08. Please plan on staying the entire period until 1:53.

Tutoring Available (posted by Karen Liotta; 01/30/17)
Callie Hall is available for tutoring. She is currently a junior and is studying Honors Trig. She was a student at American Academy from K - 8, so she knows Saxon curriculum very well. If you are interested, please contact her at 720-384-5317.

Course 1 (posted by Karen Liotta; 01/30/17)
Please be sure that students are practicing their basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts! Knowing these will make the problems we do in Course 1 MUCH easier! Here are some ways to practice...
Click here for some suggested math games...

How to show your work... (posted by Karen Liotta; 11/15/16)
Please see below for the proper way to set up your paper.
I know it seems weird to put your name on the back, but if your name is on the back, your paper is folded, and your grade is on the inside, I can have a student pass back papers!
DO: use a pencil, be neat, circle/box your answers, show your work.
DON'T: use pen, just write the answer, leave problems blank.
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