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Quizlet on independent and dependent clauses: Newsela - Bahama Llamas - Sushi Masters - Minions

Using Homeroom Efficiently (posted by beulenstein; 09/29/16)
Remember that Homeroom is the time to check with your teachers regarding missing assignments, especially after an absence. After announcements, you may ask to go see a teacher, go to the printer, or take your laptop to IT if you have a computer problem. A good plan is to print out your To Do list from IC and have that in hand when you talk to the teacher. It will make the conversation much more productive. Please use your Homeroom time to your full advantage!

Using IXL (posted by beulenstein; 09/29/16)
IXL - Going Forward
As a result of our first assignment in IXL, I need to let you know how it will work going forward. Several students did the wrong assignments in IXL and I tracked you down and asked you to take the correct one. I will not do that on future assignments. If you do the wrong assignment, you will have a missing in IC and it will be up to the student to determine why it is missing. Please be careful that you do the correct assignment. You have multiple attempts to get the grade you want. The expectation is that you spend only 30 minutues, maximum, on the IXL assignments.

Infinite Campus - a tool to use (posted by beulenstein; 09/29/16)
Did You Know...
Are you unsure of what was assigned? Did you forget the detail? Relax! You can access this information in Infinite Campus (IC). Log in to IC, go to Grades, and find the assignment you need. Click on it, and the information will be there. I am making a concerted effort to put this detailed information in for each assignment. If you don't find it for an assignment, please let me know so that I can fix it. Happy Homework!

Welcome to Sixth Grade ELA! (posted by beulenstein; 09/08/16)
It is my pleasure to be teaching sixth grade English Language Arts this year! Let's start off with two important documents that students will receive on Monday, August 22, which you can find under downloads. I look forward to getting to know all of you - I know we will have a wonderful year together!
SOCRATIC SEMINAR Students will turn in their Summer Reading/Book Report Questions to me on Tuesday, August 23rd. They will receive these packets back no later than Friday, August 26th so that they can prepare or study for the Socratic Seminar held in class on Monday, August 29. Please note there is NO OTHER ASSESSMENT or COMPREHENSION TEST for Wonder.
Other Homework
M. S. POLICIES AND PROCEDURES The AA Middle School Policies & Procedures document must be signed by parents/guardians and returned to English teachers NO LATER THAN Wednesday, August 24. This is the first grade for student in the English gradebook and it is critical that this document is turned in!
CLASSROOM PROCEDURES Mrs. Eulenstein's Classroom Procedures must be signed by both students AND parents and turned in by Friday, August 26. This is also one of the first grades in the English gradebook!
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