Valentine's Day Party (posted by Erin April; 02/05/17)
Our Valentine’s Day Party is this Friday, February 10th. We would love to have you come in and join us, but please no younger siblings :)! We will be having our party from 12:45-1:45. If you want to help, please email our room moms. Also, if you are bringing in treats, please make sure they are nut-free. Thank you and we hope to see you there!

Cafeteria Volunteers (posted by Katherine Zimmer; 01/23/17)
Help Needed in the Cafeteria!
We are in need of more help in the cafeteria during lunch time! If you are available and interested, please sign up to come help out in the lunch room! Our lunch time starts at 11:32. You would be free to leave after the cafeteria part of lunch is over around 12:00. Here is the link to sign up!
Sign Up Here!

Uniform Policy (posted by Katherine Zimmer; 01/23/17)
Dress Code
January 16th was the uniform compliance deadline. If you have not done so already please review the Student Uniform Policy. If students come to school without correct uniform items we will send them to the office to borrow an appropriate item or call home. Please help to make sure your student attends school in the appropriate uniform so they do not miss instruction time for uniform violations.

President Project (Full Day Only) (posted by Christine Chardon; 01/11/17)
President Project (Full Day Only)
Your child should have come home this week with a president puppet project. These are all due on February 21st regardless of your child’s presentation date. Your child will be making a puppet and presenting three facts about their assigned president. Further details and a rubric can be found on the hard copy that was sent home. Get creative and have fun with this!

Update Illness Policy (posted by Christine Chardon; 01/11/17)
Update Illness Display
Our school policy has always been that if a child has diarrhea, they must wait 48 hours before returning to school and 24 hours for vomiting. Students must now wait a full 48 hours after vomiting, per CDC policy, before returning to school as well. This policy has also been updated in the parent handbook.

(posted by Katherine Zimmer; 01/23/17)
Curriculum Update
Please read below for an overview of what we are studying this week!
Science- Materials in our World (Paper)
Social Studies - Presidents and US Symbols
Literacy - phonograms, handwriting, retelling a story, writing about topics of their choice, guided reading, informative, narrative, simple sentences, nouns, verbs, article adjectives, declarative sentences, exclamatory sentences, interrogative sentences
Math- Number writing, number sense, pictographs, repeating patterns, problem solving, addition and subtraction stories, dividing solids in half, coins (penny), number sentences, double facts, adding one facts, adding zero facts, subtracting one facts, telling time to the hour, writing the fraction ½, and estimation.

(posted by Erin April; 10/14/16)
Please help train your student with how to get into your car on their own. Once you are parked in the coned section of the carpool lanes, students will need to open the car door and get in on their own. Thank you for helping carpool to run smoothly!

(posted by Katherine Zimmer; 09/28/16)
New Walker Procedure
Students who are walkers no longer exit through the student doors. They will go to the gym and exit through the door on the east side. Kindergarten students will be escorted to the gym by a teacher until they get the hang of this new procedure. We are asking that siblings simply meet them in the gym, rather than picking them up in their classrooms for the first couple of weeks. This way, all students can practice going to the gym instead of the student doors. Siblings may resume picking them up once everyone feels comfortable. Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we learn this new procedure!

(posted by Katherine Zimmer; 08/25/16)
Morning Library Volunteer
Every morning the kindergarten students will be waiting for their day to start in the library. We are in need of volunteers to help supervise this time. You will help keep the kids quiet and safe along with one of the kindergarten teachers. Please sign-up below if you want to help! This is a very important volunteer opportunity!
Morning Library Volunteer
Absent/Make Up Work
If your child is absent please e-mail me and let me know. You will also need to call the attendance hotline number which can be found on AA’s homepage. The kindergarten team does not typically send home work prior to an absence. If we can, we will. However, our lesson plans can change quickly depending on how each lesson goes. For every one day that your child is absent, your child will have two school days to make up the work. For example, if you child is absent on a Friday, they will have until the following Wednesday to get their work completed and turned in.
Food Allergies
If you are concerned about your student eating a birthday treat or other classroom treat please feel free to bring in a baggie of your student’s favorite treat for me to keep in class.
Thanks for the Clip Art
Event Calendar
FEB 21
100th Day of School!
FEB 21
President Project Due (Full Day Only)
FEB 24
End of Second Trimester
FEB 24
Wildlife Experience Field Trip
Ms. Burton's Birthday
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OCT 27
Ms. April's Birthday
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