Reading Families (posted by Erin April; 03/09/17)
We have completed our sight word tests and we will now begin spelling tests! You should have received the green flash cards along with a tic-tac-toe homework page and additional practice tips this week. You can also find the parent letter and all lists under "downloads" on this page. Happy spelling! :)

Winter Conferences (posted by Erin April; 12/16/16)
Reading Families
I can't wait to meet with you and show you all the exciting ways your child has grown in literacy! Look for an email with the sign-up or click on "Winter Conferences" under "links" on this page. Have a wonderful break!

Book Report Project (posted by Erin April; 12/16/16)
Reading Class Only
You should have received a book report project in your child's homework folder this week. You do not need to work on it over the break, but you can if you want to. If it did not make it home for any reason, you can print the necessary documents from my downloads. Let me know if you have any questions!

Reading Families (posted by Erin April; 11/30/16)
Testing Day
Next Wednesday, December 7th, we will not have regular school. Instead, we will have a testing day where your student will be tested individually on their reading fluency and oral phonograms. Last time we had a testing day, your child tested with their homeroom teacher as we were not in ability groups yet. This time, they will test with me, their reading teacher. Please use the link on the left-hand side of the page sign up for a 15-minute slot. These tests are back-to-back so please be on time or early so we can stay on schedule. You can also find the sign-up link in an email that I sent on 11/30. Thank you and have a fantastic day!

Phonograms (posted by Erin April; 02/26/17)
Dear Reading Families
The following are the phonograms we are currently focusing on in literacy. Please have your child practice these specific phonograms on the Spalding phonogram app!
Review a-z often.
The multi-letter phonograms we have learned so far are: ee, th, sh, qu, ow, ou, ch, ar, oo, ai, ay, oi, oy, ir (of first), er (of her), ur (of nurse), ear (of early), wor (of work), ea, ng, aw, au, or, ck, wh, ew, ui, ed, oa, gu
Happy studying!

Math: Unfinished Class Work (posted by Erin April; 10/06/16)
Just a quick update. Although I do not assign homework over weekends, if a child does not complete their work in class it will be sent home to complete. If your child brought home an incomplete "wholes and halves" booklet today, please have them complete it and return after the break. Not all of you will see this tonight, but some will. All students were given ample time to do this assignment. We are still working on our pace as a class. Thanks for your understanding and enjoy the long break! :)

Math Update (posted by Erin April; 10/03/16)
Hello Math Families!
Just a quick update on the homework so far in our math ability group. It turns out that our class needs about two days per lesson. Therefore, we have not been getting to the homework portion of the lesson as frequently as initially planned. I am going to begin sending home supplemental homework on the nights that we do not get to the homework part in Saxon so that your child is still practicing their math skills regularly. I want to be diligent in taking the time our class needs while still making sure they get the practice at home. If you have any questions about this. Please email me at any time. Thank you!

Sight Words, Phonograms, and Upcoming Project (posted by Erin April; 10/03/16)
Sight Words
I hope your student has been enjoying our reading class. Please note I have posted our sight words for this year under the "Downloads" section. I sent home a hard copy of this list, and flash cards for the Red List today!
The phonograms we have been working on so far are a, c, d, f, g, o, s, qu, b, e, h, i, and j. You can download the "Phonograms by Spalding Education International" on your tablet or phone for $3.99.
On Thursday, I am sending home our first project! Please make a note of your child's presentation date. I am really looking forward to these phonogram projects!

Raz-Kids (posted by Erin April; 10/03/16)
Hi Reading Parents,
By the end of this week, you will see a Raz-Kids card with all of your child's login information attached to the back of their red folder. There will also be a directions sheet inside of their folder. This program is a lot of fun for the kids. I have them set up with their initial reading level. I am able to adjust these once we start reading groups. Students will automatically progress to the next reading level once they complete listening to, reading, and taking the quiz on each of their current books. As they earn stars for each completed task, they can use their stars to buy parts to build robots, aliens, and rockets! I hope that you are able to have fun with this resource at home! It is a great way to have books at your child's level available at all times without having to buy a lot of books that will be too easy for them in a month or so. Enjoy!

Fall Parent-Teacher Conferences (posted by Erin April; 10/03/16)
I am so excited to chat with you about your child’s progress and share some of the wonderful things they have been doing so far!
I have scheduled our conferences for the evenings of October 5th and 6th. Please look carefully at the sign-up to ensure you know exactly what day and time you are coming in. These are back to back, 15-minute conferences so please be on time so that everyone can stay on schedule.
You can find the link to sign up either under the "links" section on the left of the page or in the upcoming newsletter. I am looking forward to meeting with you! :)

WELCOME! (posted by Erin April; 08/22/16)
A new school year is upon us! I am so excited for another incredible year of teaching kindergarten at American Academy!
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