(posted by Robyn Hunt; 08/19/16)
Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year! The 4th grade staff is looking forward to an incredible year. You will receive bi-weekly newsletters with information regarding your students weekly breakdown, upcoming assignments, class news, field trips, and projects.
All assignments, tests, and upcoming projects can be found on Infinite Campus. Ms. Hunt, Ms. Sampson, Ms. Hoehn, Ms. Anderson, and Ms. Billings will post spelling lists to our personal pages. All other information regarding graded assignments, tests, and projects is located in Infinite Campus only.

(posted by Robyn Hunt; 11/12/16)
As the year is progressing students are starting to be challenged with more difficult concepts. Every little bit of practice done outside of the classroom assists the students to become more successful in their math practices. A good portion of the first trimester has been spent on revisiting concepts learned last year. Students have had the opportunity to brush up on old skills or simply master skills that may have presented a challenge in the past. Students will have math homework assigned each evening, with classroom time given to start the lesson. Some classes will also utilize IXL as an additional tool. Be sure to keep an eye on Infinite Campus for assignments and due dates.

(posted by Robyn Hunt; 04/30/17)

Hake Grammar Textbook Password: babyparrots27
Ms. Hunt's Lit Blocks
This week the students will continue to read Where the Mountain Meets the Moon. On Wednesday, May 3rd they will take their part 2 vocabulary quiz. As the students have been reading in class we have defined and discussed the terms for the vocabulary quiz. I have also suggested, numerous times, that they create a Quizlet that can be added to each time we add more word definitions. This week will also be our final dictation test for the year. Students will continue their daily journaling and Hake lessons. Third trimester book reports are due to me no later than May 18th.
Ms. Sampson's Lit Blocks
This week the students will continue reading Where the Mountain Meets the Moon. The second set of vocabulary definitions and sentences is due on Tuesday, May 2nd. The vocabulary test is on Thursday, May 4th. The students will not have a spelling test this week. I will not be assigning IXL homework this week, but the students will have more Hake homework to help prepare for the final test after lesson 111. Please review the homework with your child to ensure he or she knows the concepts. Third trimester book reports are due on Friday, May 12th.
Ms. Billing's Lit Block
Book Reports are due May 12! We have been enjoying our novel, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon. We are learning many new vocabulary words and practicing writing summaries during this unit. We are also working on visualizing each fable and determining the moral of the fable. We will have our final Spelling Test on May 4 and our final istation homework is due this Monday, May 1. The students finished writing their own narrative story this week and really showed their creative side and their ability to use precise language.

(posted by Robyn Hunt; 04/30/17)
This week, students continued studying the Middle Ages of Europe and discovered the reasons the Western Roman Empire fell and why the Christian Church split into two churches, then looked into the daily lives of monks and nuns in the Middle Ages. Next week we will continue with the unit and begin to look at the social classes that existed during that time period. Enjoy the long weekend!

(posted by Robyn Hunt; 04/30/17)
Science is ending on what seems to be a very fun note for the kids. We finally get to study life science and have planted some Mimosa pudica. That is the scientific name for the TickleMe Plant. Hopefully we will see some sprouts next week and will continue to observe the plants and talk about their adaptations for the rest of the year. We will also talk about how animals use their nervous systems, and adaptations to survive in their habitats. There will only be a couple more assignments and one more test for the year in science. Please watch infinite campus for due dates and the test date. Overall, I am extremely proud of the growth that the 4th graders have made in science this year. It has been so fun working with them and watching them discover new things. Enjoy the long weekend!
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