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Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year! The 4th grade staff is looking forward to an incredible year. You will receive bi-weekly newsletters with information regarding your students weekly breakdown, upcoming assignments, class news, field trips, and projects.
All assignments, tests, and upcoming projects can be found on Infinite Campus. Ms. Hunt, Ms. Sampson, Ms. Hoehn, Ms. Anderson, and Ms. Billings will post spelling lists to our personal pages. All other information regarding graded assignments, tests, and projects is located in Infinite Campus only.

(posted by Robyn Hunt; 11/12/16)
As the year is progressing students are starting to be challenged with more difficult concepts. Every little bit of practice done outside of the classroom assists the students to become more successful in their math practices. A good portion of the first trimester has been spent on revisiting concepts learned last year. Students have had the opportunity to brush up on old skills or simply master skills that may have presented a challenge in the past. Students will have math homework assigned each evening, with classroom time given to start the lesson. Some classes will also utilize IXL as an additional tool. Be sure to keep an eye on Infinite Campus for assignments and due dates.

(posted by Robyn Hunt; 02/18/17)

Hake Grammar Textbook Password: babyparrots27
Ms. Hunt's Lit Blocks
The students had a great time finishing our adventure with Robin Hood. Our second trimester book reports will be presented in our classes throughout the week. This week we will be working on writing an essay based on theme. We will use a classic short story to learn about themes and then compare the themes presented to the students in Robin Hood. This will be an in-class assignment that the students will be working on in their One Note notebooks. The students will have a Hake grammar homework this week along with a Hake grammar test. Over the next month, the students will dive deeper into the literary devices that authors use to create the excitement in short literary works. We will focus on mood, theme, setting, plot, and climax.
Ms. Sampson's Lit Blocks
I will assign two IXL lessons next week, but I will not assign spelling words for homework next week. Second trimester book reports were due Friday and will be presented on Tuesday, February 21st. We started planning an essay on theme last week and will continue working on this essay until Thursday. We will not be reading another novel until after Spring Break. We will spend the next month working on evaluating short literary works by writing essays about them and answering questions about the literary devices used in these short literary works. We will also focus on finding the meaning of vocabulary words in short literary works by using context clues.
Ms. Billing's Lit Block
We finished our Robin Hood Unit this week. We will continue to focus on reading comprehension skills by reading and analyzing short paragraphs during the next few weeks. We will also focus on writing responses and continuing to perfect our paragraphs. The Book Reports look wonderful and we will finish presenting them on Tuesday. Please continue to check my web site weekly for information on Spelling and Phonogram Tests. Students need to continue with 30 minutes of weekly istation practice at home, due each Monday.

(posted by Robyn Hunt; 02/18/17)
Our field trip to Young AmeriTowne is coming up quickly! Interviews and the general election are complete, and students will soon be learning their AmeriTowne jobs. In the meantime, we have been learning more about investment opportunities, giving back to the community by donating time, treasure, and talent, and how to responsibly handle personal finances. Students took home a vocabulary packet to begin studying over the weekend, and they will be tested on their economics vocabulary next Thursday.

(posted by Robyn Hunt; 02/18/17)
In science, we have had a great couple of weeks learning about how sound and light travel. The kids have a Light Quizlet set that can be studied as well as notes in their copy books for the test that will be next week on Thursday, Feb. 23. We will have one review day and a day that we will get to spend with some middle school students learning about their latest STEM unit. It should be very exciting and hopefully inspiring for the 4th graders to see the older kids working with their new knowledge. After light, we will study electric circuits and how they transfer energy. Have a great weekend!
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