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Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year! The 4th grade staff is looking forward to an incredible year. You will receive bi-weekly newsletters with information regarding your students weekly breakdown, upcoming assignments, class news, field trips, and projects.
All assignments, tests, and upcoming projects can be found on Infinite Campus. Ms. Hunt, Ms. Sampson, Ms. Hoehn, Ms. Anderson, and Ms. Billings will post spelling lists to our personal pages. All other information regarding graded assignments, tests, and projects is located in Infinite Campus only.

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As the year is progressing students are starting to be challenged with more difficult concepts. Every little bit of practice done outside of the classroom assists the students to become more successful in their math practices. A good portion of the first trimester has been spent on revisiting concepts learned last year. Students have had the opportunity to brush up on old skills or simply master skills that may have presented a challenge in the past. Students will have math homework assigned each evening, with classroom time given to start the lesson. Some classes will also utilize IXL as an additional tool. Be sure to keep an eye on Infinite Campus for assignments and due dates.

(posted by Robyn Hunt; 01/07/17)

Hake Grammar Textbook Password: babyparrots27
Ms. Hunt's Lit Blocks
As I am sure your students have mentioned we made a slight switch to our plans this week. The students have begun their poetry unit instead of reading Robin Hood. Robin Hood will begin in 2 weeks. In the meantime, we will be covering poetry terms, styles, and famous poets. Students have a poetry packet that they will be creating their own final draft poems in. This packet will be collected on Friday, January 20th for a grade. The rubric for each type of poetry is attached to the front of their packet. The students will also take a poetry term quiz that Friday. Finally, we will have a poetry coffeehouse that Friday where each student will (for a grade) share either one of their written poems, a poem by Shel Silverstein, or a poem/stanza of a famous poet. This will be a presentation grade and the students will need to let me know by Wednesday, January 18th which poem they will be presenting. Beginning next week, I will be adding 1 – 2 IXL assignments for the students to work on for grammar. I will send a detailed letter out on Monday.
Ms. Sampson's Lit Blocks
The students will have Hake lesson 60 for homework on Wednesday. It is very important that students take their time and do the Hake homework whenever it is assigned; the concepts and vocabulary in Hake build quickly. I will assign two IXL lessons and spelling words for homework next week. We decided to hold off on reading Robin Hood for a couple of weeks. We will be focusing on poetry for the next two weeks. The students received a packet that will be due on Friday, January 20th. Please check your child’s planner to see which type of poetry we are working on each day. I have explained to both of my classes that all of the students need to stay on top of completing the assigned poems for each day. I will be giving the students a study guide on Monday to start studying the different types of poetry. They will have a test over the various types of poetry on Friday, January 20th. After the test, we will have a fun coffeehouse style poetry reading. Each student may share one of the poems they wrote in their packet or share their favorite Shel Silverstein poem. Each student must pick one poem to share for a presentation grade.
Ms. Billing's Lit Block
Welcome back and I hope you had a restful and fun Winter Break. Second trimester Book Reports will be due on February 17. We will be reading and writing Poetry this month. The students began with an Acrostic Poem about Fourth Grade. A packet with all of their completed poems will be sent home at the end of the unit. Students need to continue with 30 minutes of weekly istation practice at home, due each Monday. Our next Spelling Test will be on Thursday, January 12. I am looking forward to seeing you at conferences next week, please let me know if you did not receive a link to sign-up.

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I hope you all had a wonderful winter break! Students will have STEM instead of history class from January 9-12. When we get back to school the following Tuesday, we will be starting our Economics and Young AmeriTowne unit. The unit will cover the basics of economics and government systems. During the unit, students will be treated as young professionals, as they will be learning and practicing a variety of life skills, including how to earn and save money, how to invest money wisely, how to apply and interview for a job, how to run a business, and so much more! Our Young AmeriTowne field trip will come at the end of the unit, on February 24. If you have not signed up already, please sign up soon!

(posted by Robyn Hunt; 01/07/17)
In our short little week, we had for science, we started to learn about the theory of Continental Drift by Alfred Wegener. The kids were able to look at a map and see that some of the pieces of land appear to be like puzzle pieces that at one point in time fit together. We were also able to learn that Wegener had strong evidence supporting is theory based on rock formations and fossils. So far, it has been very interesting and fits well with our standard of knowing how the Earth has changed over time. We will continue next week by making a flip book and then will take a short test over these concepts on Wednesday. Your student will need to study the Quizlet set on the Science Student Resource page on my website to be fully prepared for the test. On Thursday, we will have a fun treat of watching Ice Age Continental Drift (well, part of it anyway). After that we will be taking some time off from science for STEM. Have a great weekend!
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