(posted by Lynda Hernandez; 02/06/17)
Dear Parents,
On Friday, Feb 10th, students will be celebrating Valentine’s Day in the classroom. A letter went home this week explaining our optional valentine exchange and valentine box decorating competition. We will have our valentine exchange in the afternoon.
There has been an important change to the Electronic Device Policy. At their January 10 meeting, the American Academy Board of Directors made an update to the Electronic Device Policy, adding smart watches to the list of devices NOT ALLOWED at the school during the school day. The term "smart watch" refers to any watch or wrist wear that connects to the internet and allows students to receive or send information. Please read the entire policy for details.
We have a message from our mental health team.
PARENT & STAFF BOOK CLUB: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families, by Stephen Covey.
For the last several months, K-5 teachers at both American Academy campuses have been reading The Leader in Me and participating in a book study. The responses from a follow-up Leader in Me interest survey have been very positive and show a high interest in incorporating these ideals into our AA curriculum.
Part of implementing Leader in Me in a successful, long-lasting way is by involving the parents and community. Our mental health team would like to foster that by having a Parent & Staff Book Club featuring The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families, by Stephen Covey. This would allow parents and staff to discuss Leader in Me and Seven Habits as peers and gather parent input at the same time.
Ms. Shull and Ms. Guthrie will kick off the club on Wednesday, February 8, by discussing the first three habits. The next two meetings will be February 22, and March 8, at the same time and place. Parents and staff from both campuses, K-8 and KindiePrep, are invited to join, but please note the club will take place in the Motsenbocker campus library conference room after carpool at 4:30 pm.
Audrey Miller, Castle Pines School Counselor, will be providing FREE CHILD CARE during the book study! She will be doing Leader in Me activities with students who participate. If you are interested, PLEASE Register here or contact Jamie Shull for more information.
As a part of the school counseling curriculum, Ms. Miller, School Counselor, came to our classrooms this week to teach students the differences between rude, mean, bullying, and conflict behaviors. Students practiced different scenarios to identify the type of behavior, and were provided tools to handle common situations that occur between peers at school. For more information on this lesson and for additional resources, please visit our school counseling website. Thank you!
We hope that you and your family have a nice President's Day weekend.
Thank you,
The Fifth Grade Team
Subject Area News for February:
Ms. Johnson - This month in math, we will be covering lessons 66-76. These lessons will cover working with fractions and various operations. We will also practice problem solving, geometry and begin converting to decimals.
Ms. Taylor - This month we will be covering lessons 75 - 87. The lessons go deeper into operations and concepts with fractions, decimals, and percents. They also include workings with capacity, arithmetic with units of measure, area of triangles, and ratios. As always, please continue to check the homework each night to ensure they understanding concepts taught in class. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out for support!
Mrs. Gay - This month we are intently focused on studying fractions and decimals. Starting with prime and composite numbers, GCF, and LCM, we will be adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing and converting fractions and decimals.
Mrs. Hernandez - This month we will be covering Lessons71 - 81. We will be learning about multiplying fractions, units of length, converting units of weight and mass, exponents and square roots, and finding area. Our Investigation will teach about plotting points on a coordinate plane.
Mrs. Williams - This month in Math we will be covering Lessons 61-70. These lessons will include; using letters to identify geometric figures, subtracting a fraction from a whole number, using money to model decimal numbers, and reading a centimeter scale. Please encourage students to use One Note for daily vocabulary and to check homework/test days. Students are also encouraged to practice their multiplication tables.
Mrs. Taylor/Mrs. Gay/Mrs. Williams - This month in reading we are finishing up A Midsummer Night's Dream. We are doing a quick study of legends and myths before moving on to our next novel, The Secret Garden. With these as our main focus, we will be writing to compare and contrast in a variety of ways. We will compare and contrast characters, themes, settings, and point of view between the legends and myths and characters in The Secret Garden. We will continue with grammar and spelling as usual. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns along the way!
Ms. Johnson - This month in science, we will continue learning about Mixtures and Solutions. We will further investigate the making of new substances and how to identify them based off of their properties. Please continue to review OneNote to see what we are doing in class! There will be a unit test towards the end of the month to finalize our learning, along with another parent volunteer activity. More details will be sent out later via email.
Mrs. Hernandez - During February, we will be studying the Mesoamerican Civilizations. We will have a final unit test over the Maya, the Aztec, the Inca and the Spanish conquest of these civilizations on Friday, February 10th. We will then begin our Westward Expansion unit.
Please email us with any questions: lhernandez@aak8.org; sjohnson@aak8.org ktaylor@aak8.org; jgay@aak8.org; awillilams@aak8.org

Reminders About Lunch (posted by Krystal Taylor; 09/28/16)
1. Be our guest and enjoy lunch with your student! Your student may invite two friends to join you.
2. Lunchroom guests must stay in the lunchroom! We love having you for lunch, but lunchroom visits do not mean access privileges to the rest of the building!
3. Please help our lunch and custodial teams keep our school clean! Pick up and throw away your own lunch mess (help your student hosts), and wipe the table before you leave.
4. Remember that you are here to be a guest, not a parent. Enjoy your student and your lunch! But please allow the Instructional Assistants in charge to manage student interactions or conflicts.*
5. Want to stay and volunteer for lunch recess? Yippee! FIRST say good-bye to your student and THEN go to the front office to check in as a volunteer. Don’t follow your student outside without getting checked in as a volunteer!
If you see or hear something of concern from or about a student while you are a lunchroom guest, please bring it to the attention of the Instructional Assistants in charge as soon as possible. Do NOT attempt to resolve student interactions or conflicts yourself!
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