May (posted by Lynda Hernandez; 05/04/17)
Fifth Grade News for May:
Dear Parents,
We are now in the final stretch. It is amazing how fast the year has gone by.
We will be having our final set of Parent-Teacher Conferences on May 10th and 11th. They will take place in the school library and will be round-robin style just as our previous conferences have been. May 10th will run from 4:15 - 7:00 PM and May 11th will run from 4:30 - 7:00 PM. Please use the following link to sign up for the conferences you would like to reserve.
You should have received your child's MAP scores on Thursday, May 4th. If you did not receive them, please contact your child's homeroom teacher. Please review these scores prior to Parent-Teacher Conferences.
We will be having our Middle School Move-Up Day on Thursday, May 25th. Students will arrive at school at the normal time. They will then go up to the Middle School and meet the teachers as well as becoming familiar with lockers and other Middle School routines.
Following the Middle School Move-Up Day, we will be having our final field trip of the year to the Miller Activity Complex. (MAC) Please go to the School Store to sign your child up. Thank you.
Have a wonderful weekend.
The Fifth Grade Team
Subject Area News for May:
Ms. Johnson - This month in math we will be finishing lessons 110-120. Please expect lessons to be doubled up and to see worksheets as study guides for the final. The final will be May 18th and May 19th. If your student needs extra help, please do not hesitate to reach out!
Mrs. Gay - We will continue reviewing several geometry concepts and catching up with Saxon tests to prepare for the final exam, which will be on May 18 & 19. I am so proud of the progress we've made this year. Please have your students see me if they have any questions over the next few weeks.
Mrs. Williams - This month in Math we will be covering Lessons 90-100. These lessons will include; simplifying improper fractions, dividing by two-digit numbers, comparative graphs, and ratios. Please encourage students to use One Note for daily vocabulary and to check homework/test days. Students are also encouraged to practice their multiplication tables.
Mrs. Taylor - This month in math we are finishing the book! We are currently working through Lessons 115 - 120 and doing massive year-end reviews before the final on May 18th and 19th. Please be on the lookout for worksheets as homework after the book is completed. As always, please ensure students are understanding their homework and let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
Mrs. Hernandez - During these final weeks of the year, we will be completing the Math book which will take us through Lesson 120. The Math final will be on May 18th and 19th. We will spend the week prior to the final reviewing.
Mrs. Taylor/Mrs. Gay/Mrs. Williams - This month in literacy we are finishing up our Wax Museum unit along with Frederick Douglass. You should have received an email invitation to the Wax Museum for Tuesday May 9th from 2pm - 3:00pm in the Cafeteria and Gym. We will also be starting our Tom Sawyer reading unit and have just enough time to get the novel read and the movie watched before the year closes out. Grammar and spelling will continue as usual in each classroom.

Ms. Johnson - This month in science we will be wrapping up our unit on the Earth. This unit involves learning about the atmosphere, uneven heating and our water supply. Please be on the lookout for a sign up to help us with S'more lab. Finally, thank you to those who have helped collect supplies for the student led lab and the support that has come from home. I have been very impressed with what I have seen so far!
Mrs. Hernandez -We will be concluding the Civil War unit this month. Our final on the Civil War will be during the second week of May. We will complete the year with the unit: Westward Expansion After the Civil War. This unit will take us through the end of the school year.
Please email us with any questions:;;;

Reminders About Lunch (posted by Krystal Taylor; 09/28/16)
1. Be our guest and enjoy lunch with your student! Your student may invite two friends to join you.
2. Lunchroom guests must stay in the lunchroom! We love having you for lunch, but lunchroom visits do not mean access privileges to the rest of the building!
3. Please help our lunch and custodial teams keep our school clean! Pick up and throw away your own lunch mess (help your student hosts), and wipe the table before you leave.
4. Remember that you are here to be a guest, not a parent. Enjoy your student and your lunch! But please allow the Instructional Assistants in charge to manage student interactions or conflicts.*
5. Want to stay and volunteer for lunch recess? Yippee! FIRST say good-bye to your student and THEN go to the front office to check in as a volunteer. Don’t follow your student outside without getting checked in as a volunteer!
If you see or hear something of concern from or about a student while you are a lunchroom guest, please bring it to the attention of the Instructional Assistants in charge as soon as possible. Do NOT attempt to resolve student interactions or conflicts yourself!
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