March (posted by Lynda Hernandez; 03/06/17)
Fifth Grade News for March:
Dear Parents,
Trimester 2 report cards will be published today.
We are off and running on our final trimester. It will be a busy one with Spring Break, PARCC testing, and our Civil War trip.
With two-thirds of the school year behind us, we would greatly appreciate it if you could check your child's school supplies. We have many students borrowing pencils and red pens every day because they longer have any. Thank you.
Our PARCC testing will take place during the first week of April. We would appreciate it if you could review the dates below and try not to schedule any appointments or other planned absences during the following dates. Thank you. PARCC-English Language Arts and Math: April 5-6th; CMAS Science: (Grades 5 & 8)- April 24th.

Thank you,
The Fifth Grade Team
Subject Area News for March:
Ms. Johnson - In math, we will be covering lessons 85-95. We will be working with proportions, exponents and geometric formulas. These lessons will also cover the order of operations. As we begin T3, please reach out for help if needed!
Mrs. Gay - In math we will be focusing on problem solving, ratios, area and volume. We will also continue to practice fraction and decimal functions. Please encourage your students to seek help if needed! We want to finish the year confident and strong.
Mrs. Williams - This month in Math we will be covering Lessons 71-80. These lessons will include; fractions, decimals, percents, area, and units of length. We will also cover multiplying fractions, and converting units of weight and mass. Please encourage students to use One Note for daily vocabulary and to check homework/test days. Students are also encouraged to practice their multiplication tables.
Mrs. Taylor - This month in math we will be covering lessons 91-102. This includes geometry with formulas, classifying triangles, and finding the sum of angle measures. We will also expand our knowledge of common factors to reduce fractions before multiplying. For Investigation 10, we will deepen our knowledge of experimental probability and move into compound events. As always, please ensure students are understanding their homework and let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
Mrs. Hernandez - This month we will cover lessons 83 - 95. We will be learning about reducing fractions, the greatest common factor, geometric solids, mean, median, mode, range, and probability. For our facts, we will be reducing improper fractions to mixed numbers.
Mrs. Taylor/Mrs. Gay/Mrs. Williams - This month in literacy we will be working our way through The Secret Garden. Students and teachers love this novel and focus on figurative language and literary devices throughout the unit. We will watch the movie of the novel at the end to write an informative essay to compare and contrast the novel and movie. Grammar and spelling will continue as usual in each classroom.

Ms. Johnson - This month, in science, we will be spending two weeks completing our final STEM unit. There has been an email sent home with more information. When students return to science, we will begin our unit on Earth. This unit will include the atmosphere, weather and ways in which we can protect the Earth.
Mrs. Hernandez - Our unit test on Westward Expansion will be next week. We will then begin our Civil War unit. During March we will cover the causes leading to the Civil War. Look for reading assignments from their Core Knowledge History books. Due to the length of this unit, we will be having a couple of quizzes in addition to a final test.
Please email us with any questions:;;;

Reminders About Lunch (posted by Krystal Taylor; 09/28/16)
1. Be our guest and enjoy lunch with your student! Your student may invite two friends to join you.
2. Lunchroom guests must stay in the lunchroom! We love having you for lunch, but lunchroom visits do not mean access privileges to the rest of the building!
3. Please help our lunch and custodial teams keep our school clean! Pick up and throw away your own lunch mess (help your student hosts), and wipe the table before you leave.
4. Remember that you are here to be a guest, not a parent. Enjoy your student and your lunch! But please allow the Instructional Assistants in charge to manage student interactions or conflicts.*
5. Want to stay and volunteer for lunch recess? Yippee! FIRST say good-bye to your student and THEN go to the front office to check in as a volunteer. Don’t follow your student outside without getting checked in as a volunteer!
If you see or hear something of concern from or about a student while you are a lunchroom guest, please bring it to the attention of the Instructional Assistants in charge as soon as possible. Do NOT attempt to resolve student interactions or conflicts yourself!
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