Castle Pines Extracurricular Activities
At American Academy, our teachers are always adding on new clubs and activities! Please check the AA School Store for all the details on the most current activities available at each campus.
Important Information
Registrations and Refunds
ALL extracurricular activities (ECAs) must be paid for with a credit or debit card through the American Academy School Store. Because our teachers determine the financial feasibility of running their ECAs by the number of students registered, ALL registration fees for ECAs are NON-REFUNDABLE.* Registration for Homework Club and Crash Club are available only as 10-day passes and the passes must be used by the end of the ECA year (May 16, 2014). Because Homework Club and Crash Club registrations are also non-refundable, the passes must be used by the end of the ECA year. If you do not use all your Homework Club or Crash Club passes by May 16, 2014, no refunds will be made; however, you will have the option to roll that amount over to the next year's Homework Club or Crash Club.

Late Pick-Ups
Please also be aware that late pick-ups from ECAs are strongly discouraged because it detains our very tired, hard-working teachers from leaving school for the day while they wait with your children. Please be respectful of their time and their families, and make sure to pick your students up from their ECA's on time!!!

Late Fees
Late to pick up for after-school activity: student sent to Homework Club (3:35 pm - 4:25 pm) or Crash Club (4:25 pm - 6:00 pm) and parent will be charged accordingly
Late to pick up from Crash Club: $15.00/day/student

Failure to pay late fees may result in suspension of participation from all ECAs until the late fees are paid. Multiple late pick-ups may result in your family being excluded from the ECA (or all ECAs) for the remainder of the school year without a refund, subject to the discretion of the Executive Director of Schools.

Read the Policy!
Before signing up for any extracurriculuar activity, you are encouraged to read about scholastic eligibility, required forms, behavior expectations, refunds, late pick-ups and student safety in the *Extracurricular Activites Policy.

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