Colorado Growth Model

The state of Colorado has created a new accountability framework, known as the Colorado Growth Model. The Colorado Growth Model measures school based on academic achievement and growth of individual kids while in the school.  Under this, American Academy is considered a High Achieving, High Growth School. NOTE: the Colorado Growth Model was frozen with 2013-2014 results as the state implemented a new assessment system. The model will not be unfrozen until late in 2016 (when 2015-2016 results are available).


Awards for Achievement and Growth

American Academy has been a recipient of both the John Irwin School of Excellence Award for high achievement and the Colorado Governor's Distinguished Improvement Award for high growth for every year that both awards have been offered.


How Does AA Stack Up to the Douglas County School District and State of Colorado?

Take a look at the state assessment (currently PARCC) results dipcted in the charts below. For each of the years we have been tested thus far, we have exceeded not only the state test results, but also those of the Douglas County School District, whose traditional public schools typically test among the highest in the state. Not too shabby!

If you are a data geek (we are!) you can dig into American Academy's complete assessment results, including our local results (we use MAP - Measure of Academc Progress) and our detailed state assessment (PARCC) results using the links below.

< < American Academy 2014-2015 MAP Results

< < American Academy 2014-2015 PARCC Results


AA PARCC Results